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5 Reasons We Still Love HOME ALONE 2 After 25 Years

Today marks 25 years since Home Alone 2: Lost in New York hit theaters, two years after the original became an instant holiday classic and one of the all-time smash comedy hits at the box office. Despite not achieving the same success as the original, either in ticket sales or critical acclaim, the film did turn a nifty profit for 20th Century Fox.

But who cares about what the movie meant for the studio’s bottom line. The important thing is the film still has a loyal group of fans who love it and consider watching it an important annual Christmas tradition. We know because we’re in that group too. So in honor of today’s anniversary, and the start of the holiday season, here are 5 reasons we still love Home Alone 2 after 25 years.

5. There’s no Better Setting than New York City at Christmas Time

Christmas lights and holiday decorations can make any place feel magical, but there’s no place like New York City in December. That’s why the change in setting from the McCallister house to the Big Apple is about a big an upgrade as you can get from a sequel. You go from a decorated home to the greatest city in the world at its best.

There’s also no more perfect spot for Kevin and his mom to reunite than in front of the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center. We’re huge suckers for this scene and it always makes us tear up.

4. Tim Curry Plays a Hilarious Villain

Not only does the film bring back the former Wet Bandits Harry and Marv played by Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern (now known as the Sticky Bandits), it also adds Tim Curry to the cast as the smarmy hotel manager who doesn’t quite believe Kevin’s story. He’s hysterical in every scene. Even while you’re rooting against him you’re still kinda on his side because he’s so likable despite being so bad.

3. There’s a Giant Toy Store!

The Home Alone movies are both a) Christmas movies and b) kids’ movies, so what could possibly be a more amazing place to include than the world’s biggest, greatest-looking toy store. It’s impossible to watch Kevin in there and not turn into a kid yourself.

Even better is that the store is not used a sign of everything wrong with the commercialism of the season like the one in Jingle All the Way. The store’s owner is donating proceeds from holiday sales to kids in need, and Kevin cares about stopping the Sticky Bandits from robbing it for that reason. It’s a great message while also letting viewers geek out like little kids.

2. It Makes More Sense Than the Original

The movie might reuse the same formula from the first film, but the original has a monster plot hole that’s tough to ignore–Kevin would never be able to hide at home by himself for that long. That required the police to put in about 30 seconds effort trying to find a missing child. It makes no sense.

Finding Kevin in New York City is at reasonably difficult, you know, since there are millions of people there. Even when his dad’s “stolen” credit card points to him being at the hotel, Tim Curry chases him off because his character is an awful idiot, so the film addresses how Kevin can be on his own for so long.

Not to mention Harry and Marv’s reasons for facing off against Kevin are far more defensible this time. Why didn’t they just rob a different house in the first one? Their need for revenge here is at least sort of logical.

1. It Has All the Best Elements of a Christmas Movie

Beyond the holiday setting the things that make a great Christmas movie are the themes of goodwill, family, second chances, redemption, and selflessness. Between Kevin’s relationships with his mother, the pigeon lady, and the kindly old toy store owner, the film touches on all of those.

Though Home Alone 2 is a comedy, it is far more defined by its heart. No one should be alone on Christmas, and the film never forgets that. And that’s why we still love it after all these years.

But what do you think? What’s your favorite scene from the movie? How does it compare to the original? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

Images: 20th Century Fox

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