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5 Gifts You Can Tell Your Dad Are on the Way

So Father’s Day is today, and you totally forgot to get your dad a present. You know who you are. But your father isn’t the typical dad, where a cheesy tie or one of those tacky plastic singing fish will suffice as a Father’s Day gift. Nope, like you, dad is total nerd, and wants gifts that reflect his nerdom. And while it may be too late to order any of these items and actually have them arrive on time, you can always get a greeting card and make one of those little I.O.U’s that say “you’ll have a package arriving this week, and it’ll have one of these inside it! Love ya Dad!”  and stick it in the card. It’s ok, we’ve all done it. So here are five geeky gift items for your Dad this coming Father’s Day. Or, if you’re a dad, buy one of these for yourself. No one said you can’t give yourself a present of Father’s Day, did they?

For The Geek Dad Who Likes To Play Games

Ok, this Stiga Tournament Ping Pong Table is a bit on the pricier side, but you missed getting Dad a gift in time for actual Father’s Day, so splurge a little you darn cheapskate. Besides, this is a Father’s Day gift that you can actually use yourself, and who doesn’t like that? You and Dad can play for hours, and enjoy some father-child bonding time. Just don’t cuss Dad out when you lose. Show some respect.


For The Star Wars Geek Dad


So your dad is a big Star Wars fan, and you want to get him a gift representing his love for that galaxy far, far away. While there’s a million and a half Star Wars items you could get your Pops, everything from Chewbacca bath robes to lightsaber chopsticks, this might be the option that gets the best chuckle when Dad opens his prezzie; there is maybe nothing more appropriate for Father’s Day than the books Vader’s Little Princess or Darth Vader and Son. Essentially children’s books (but which can really be enjoyed by anyone, especially anyone who grew up with Star Wars) and told in an alternate, cutesy universe where Vader never force-choked Luke and Leia’s mommy Padme, and apparently raised them without cutting off any of their appendages or blowing up their home planets. Written and illustrated by Jeffrey Brown, these books are a great gift and perfect if you’re on a budget and can’t afford a ping-pong table.

For The Breaking Bad Geek Dad


Hopefully, your dad isn’t anything like Walter White of Breaking Bad. (If he is, well,  then you have my sympathies) But if your father is a huge fan of the television series Breaking Bad, and lived vicariously through Walter White’s descent into villainy during his own mid-life crisis, then he might dig getting this Heisenberg polo shirt for Father’s Day. People might be less inclined to mess with Dad on the golf course once they see that face with those glasses and that hat on his shirt.

For The Game of Thrones Geek Dad


Here’s a perfect gift for the dad who loves to cook and is totally addicted to HBO’s Game of Thrones; it’s the A Feast of Ice and Fire: The Official Game of Thrones Companion Cookbook. Now your dad can cook those delicious Lannister style meals, as seen on Game of Thrones, the kind they serve at all those festive events that always go so well for the guests. However,  if your dad learns to make a cake with live birds in inside it, you might want to skip that meal. That’s not going to turn out good for anyone.

For The Lego-Lovin’ Geek Dad


Coffee mugs are the usual “I really have no imagination and can’t think of anything to get” gift, but this one might be the exception to that rule. If Will Farrell’s Lego obsessed dad character from The Lego Movie reminded you of your own father, then this might be the present for him. It’s a coffee mug that actually interlocks with real Lego bricks, allowing Dad to waste time before work by turning his cup into a laser gun, or a house, or whatever his little heart desires. You can even attach wheels to it and make it roll along the table…I’m not a dad and I don’t drink coffee and I kind of want this. The Lego bricks aren’t included, but any self-respecting Lego fan always has some extra lying around.

Header art is Father’s Day by artist Stephen Elliget (deviantart) (twitter)

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