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5 Easygoing Albums For Post-St. Patrick’s Day Relaxation

Put all your green clothes away, head to the bottle redemption center, and maybe turn the lights down because they are not helping this headache. If you’re looking for a post-St. Patrick’s Day come-down, most of the albums in this week’s Bandcamping are great for unwinding and melting into the couch. Even if you didn’t go out and get sloshed yesterday, this music is also just good in a more general sense, so, you know, just listen.

Here are the top five albums that we dug up on Bandcamp this week.

5. Play to Win by K. Osgood

play to win

Genre: adult contemporary, new wave, alternative
If you like: The Cure, Lindsay Buckingham

This album is super easy to discount based on its cover art, but there’s something strange about it that pulled me in. I can’t tell you if this album is actually any good or not, and it’s hard to justify its inclusion here without saying that I can’t explain why it appeals to me. This selection isn’t some attempt to put out a vibe of cooler-than-you, “You just don’t get it” hipsterism. I know that, as a writer, it’s my job to find the words, but they elude me at the moment. Sorry.


glue trip

Genre: Brazilian, alternative, indie pop
If you like: Novos Baianos, Jorge Ben, samba and jazz

Here’s an engaging indie-lensed look at traditional Brazilian music, somewhat akin to Vampire Weekend’s treatment of afropop influences in their sound. It’s definitely an adapted version of something else, and because of that, it seems much more suited for a North American and European audience. The album’s description actually sums it up really well: a “synthesis between tropical Brazilian pop with Californian psychedelic.”

3. A Tandem Bike by A Tandem Bike

tandem bike

Genre: alternative rock, indie rock, Americana
If you like: The Velvet Underground, Yo La Tengo

This is a fitting pace for forgetting troubles and drowning in the sweet nothings of comfort. A Tandem Bike is a slow, somber and minimalist take on Americana that’s almost ambient in its ability to create an immersive and relaxing atmosphere that can serve as either mood or foreground.

2. City Trip by Julien Blanche

city trip

Genre: electronica, ambient, house
If you like: Sound Tribe Sector 9, Blondes, Chromatics

Not all electronica is equal. It’s about tapping into a vibe and introducing enough subtle variation to a relatively consistent structure or aesthetic, which is not easy to do. You know it’s been done well when you feel like the eight-minute song you just heard could have been twice as long, and that’s what Julien Blanche has pulled off here.

1. Horse Jumper of Love by Horse Jumper of Love

horse jumper

Genre: slowcore, alternative rock, shoegaze
If you like: Codeine, Deerhunter, 90s alternative

Slowcore music can be a trap: The songs sound relatively the same the whole way though, have basic structures, and are about lack of vibrance. But that doesn’t mean there can’t also be intensity. Horse Jumper of Love has a morose intensity that can amplify or drown out emotions, setting a canvas to paint your own story.

Beyond the five albums above, there wasn’t much else that we were into this time around, so there are no honorable mentions today.

That’s what we found this week. Until next time, let us know in the comments which of these albums were your favorites, what we missed, and what we should keep an eye on. If you missed out on last week’s list, you can find it here (and the complete Bandcamping archives are here).

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