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4 STAR WARS Crafts to Make on May the 4th

Are you sitting around looking for things to do today? There are plenty of ways to celebrate May the 4th, a/k/a Star Wars Day, and one of my favorite activities is crafting while marathoning Star Wars films or Star Wars: The Clone Wars. You can choose a project with any level of difficulty you want so you can spend just a couple of hours of crafting or all day. We’ve searched from Coruscant to the Outer Rim for some project ideas to get you in the spirit.

1. Star Wars luggage
Whether you’re headed to the next Star Wars Celebration or to the beach, covering your luggage with Star Wars fabric is a fun way to make your suitcase stand apart. And no, sewing is not required for this project. Just acquire fabric (JoAnn’s is a good place to look), measure, and attach the fabric with Mod Podge. Watch the above video by Amanda Jean to get all the details.

jabba shoes

2. Jabba the Hutt Toms makeover
Even though Jabba isn’t normally described with the word cute, the adjective fits when it comes to these Jabba the Hutt Toms by Jennifer Landa. You’ll just need to get some green canvas slip-on shoes (Toms substitutes are more than okay), acrylic paint, sealant, and a few other basic supplies. Review Jennifer’s step-by-step to learn how to add some Hutt to your feet.

star wars craft lightsaber pillows

3. Lightsaber pillow
Want to battle with a lightsaber without worrying about losing appendanges? Then consider making these soft lightsaber pillows. You can choose any color of fabric to be like Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader, and basically, you’ll use the fabric to cover a foam pool noodle. You’ll need to sew by hand for this project by Bonnie Burton, but it’s still an easy undertaking.

star wars craft - tauntaun diorama

4. Tauntaun diorama
I like miniatures and adore tauntauns, so capturing a piece of Hoth with Luke Skywalker and his tauntaun before the wampa attack made me happy. To make this small diorama, you only need to gather glass and faux snow (glitter) from your local craft store and sacrifice one of your miniature toys. If you don’t like snow, subsitute sand and make a scene from Tatooine instead. Get full instructions here.

Have a Star Wars craft you’d like to share with everyone? Tell us about it in the comments, and may the 4th be with you!

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