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3D Printed GLaDOS Lamp Puts You To The Test

Valve’s 2007 monster-hit Portal proved that genres no one would have thought could blend well, such as the first-person shooter and logic puzzlers, could actually create a universally beloved game. One of the tethers that helped hold these heterogeneous elements together was the darkly comedic antagonist GLaDOS, a psychotic A.I. running players through a series of experiments inside the Aperture Science Enrichment Center.

Even with the cake she promises will be at the end of the testing, GLaDOS’ thinly veiled threats of death and dismemberment were treats of their own.


Millions of gamers have matched wits with GLaDOS, and now thanks to dragonator over at instructables each can claim a GLaDOS of their own in lamp form. The catch is there is some assembly and 3D printing required. A lot of 3D printing actually. On the instructable page dragonator states that it took 40 hours of 3D printing on two UP! printers set to their highest capabilities.

His original intention was to build a fully-functional robotic-arm lamp that would also include a super-LED light in the the eye on GLaDOS. However, it seems some technical issues, and the fact that he was working on borrowed equipment, forced him to settle for instructions on the lamp only. He does offer a video for what a fully functioning model would look like though, for science, you monster:


While these are currently not for sale, dragonator says that could change in the future. Until then, anyone with a 3D printer of their own and a lot of patience can make one for themselves. Let us know in the comments section below if you would buy one of these. Let’s be honest, though, we all would.


HT: Instructables

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  1. Aaron says:

    shut up and take my companion cube!

  2. Obelisk89 says:

    How much? ^_^

  3. IWasPromisedCookies says:

    I definitely would. Also would install a camera in it. Would be perfect.

  4. GLFan2814 says:

    I believe the expression I’m searching for is, “SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!”

  5. Doug says:


  6. Mark says:

    Take My Money NOW

  7. Cris says:

    I wouls totally buy one!

  8. donny says:

    i want one. definitely.

  9. DataStream says:

    i want one NOW!