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3 More GAME OF THRONES Characters Get the Disney Treatment

Aww shucks! There’s something just so undeniably adorable about the world of A Song of Ice and Fire recreated into Disney characters. Maybe it’s because everything’s so bleak and dark, largely speaking, on its television counterpart, Game of Thrones. Or maybe it’s just because everybody in the world looks a little bit better when rendered as a Disney prince or princess. Whatever the reasoning, there’s no denying it: Game of Thrones/Disney mash-ups are incredibly popular.

Done by the same artists who brought you the Disney-ified Tyrion and Jon Snow we posted about earlier, Combo Studio brought back Fernando Mendonça for the Cersei and Bran Disney do-overs and recruited fellow illustrator Anderson Mahanski to add a bit of mouse house flair to Daenerys and a goofy-looking Drogon. The renderings take everything that’s great — and diametrically opposed to the world of Westeros and Essos — about Disney, and gives these characters a bit of much-needed joy.

OK, so maybe Cersei doesn’t need any joy in her life but there’s no denying she makes a really great Disney villain, no? Regardless of all that, The depictions all pretty delightful if we do say so ourselves. C’mon, is there anything cuter than Hodor bounding after a chicken on a stick while Dany and Drogs give a couple matching thumbs up with adorable abandon? No, no there isn’t, and if you think otherwise you are just plain wrong. (It’s like, science or something.)

Alright — who should be next on the list of Disney-ified Game of Thrones-ers? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Kate says:

    Stannis, Melisandre and smoke baby.

  2. Matai says:

    I count 4 characters and a dragon.  Does a dragon count?  WHERE ARE MY DRAGONS?!

    • Matai says:

      Ah, I realize my folly. My apologies for d-bagginess. But for real, guys…WHERE ARE MY DRAGONS?!

  3. AnonT says:

    Arya and the Hound

  4. Michael Lavoie says:

    I would like to buy these. Any word on where they are selling prints?

  5. Juan Carlos says:


  6. I AM SANCHO says:

    Bronn & Daario Naharis.