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3 Actors Who Should (And 3 Who Shouldn’t) Play Elon Musk in a Movie

As the site responsible for Muskwatch, a show dedicated to all things Elon Musk, we take reports about a potential movie about his life very seriously. This is a man who might end up being responsible for some of the greatest advancements in the history of mankind…if he isn’t really a super villain hell bent on world domination.


Since such a figure deserves the right actor to tell his story, here are three we think should play him in a movie, along with three who definitely should not.

SHOULD: The Doppelganger–Kevin Durand

kevin-durandImage: Image Entertainment

Is this a photo of Lost actor Kevin Durand or an exhausted Elon Musk? You sure? Willing to bet your life on it? No, you aren’t, cause these two look exactly alike.

SHOULD NOT: The “Real-Life” Tony Stark–Robert Downey Jr.

tony-stark-iron-manImage: Marvel

We get it, Elon Musk is our own version of Tony Stark. It’s a fun comparison, one that would immediately become super lame if a movie took it too literal.

SHOULD: The Voice–Joseph Gordon-Levitt

joseph-gordon-levittImage: Open Road Films

The South African-born Musk has a distinct accent, and the only person in Hollywood allowed to play real people with unique accents is Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

SHOULD NOT: The Genius Retread–Michael Fassbender

michael-fassbender-jobsImage: Universal Pictures

Like Robert Downey Jr. this is another superb actor who they should stay away from. We love Fassbender, but we already saw him play a soft-spoken, technological genius. And just thinking about his Steve Jobs movie makes us feel like napping. (Obviously this goes for Ashton Kutcher too, but for different reasons.)

SHOULD: Top Choice–Matthew Broderick

matthew-broderickImage: Universal Pictures

He doesn’t just look like him, he has the right demeanor to play him. Broderick is 10 years older, but is baby-faced enough to pull it off. And if Musk really is a mad genius and we can’t see it coming, who better to fill that role than the eminently likable Matthew Broderick whom everyone loves?

SHOULD NOT: Last Choice/Cancel the Movie Instead–Jesse Eisenberg

Jesse Eisenberg stars in Columbia Pictures' "The Social Network."Image: Columbia Pictures

Enough. The Tracking Board says the Musk spec script on the market, titled The Man From Tomorrow, is drawing comparisons to The Social Network. So let’s preemptively say no to Eisenberg who has already played brilliant masters of industry with dubious morals–real and fake. Enough already.

Especially because if Elon Musk really is an evil genius, we bet his master plan makes way more sense than Lex Luthor’s in Batman V Superman.

But what do you think? Which actor should play Elon Musk? Which ones shouldn’t? Send a rocket with your thoughts into our comments section below.

Featured Image: Maurizio Pesce

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