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2 More Clips of SAILOR MOON’s English Dub Featuring Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars

Earlier this month, Viz Media released two clips from the English dub of the original Sailor Moon anime and during a panel at San Diego Comic-Con, they released two more. This time we hear the English dubbed voices of baddies Queen Beryl and Jadeite, as well as the Guardians, Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars.

Spoiler alert: The first clip is from Episode 13 when Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, and Sailor Mars thought that Tuxedo Mask had perished at the hands of Jadeite.

Listen for yourself in the video below:

Yes! Not only are we treated to the original names of the manga and the same incredible tunes, but Sailor Mars (Cristina Vee) actually recites her priestess “exorcism” powers using the original Japanese words rather than the English dubbing. Plus, we also see the triumphant return of the iconic Sailor Moon meme, “Down with discrimination!”

Other than the choice words from our Sailor Guardians, Mercury’s (Kate Higgins) voice feels soft, which makes sense since her character is often associated as the quiet, shy type. Mars, on the other hand, is quite defiant and almost sounds a bit like the original. Mars’ voice is a good balance against Stephanie Sheh’s Sailor Moon, especially since Sailor Moon and Mars often butt heads with one another.

In the second clip, Queen Beryl (Cindy Robinson) and Jadeite (Todd Haberkorn) discuss a plan to harness more dark energy. Take a listen below:

For some strange reason, they both sound more subservient than what I can recall. It could be because the script is now in line with the original Japanese anime rather than the hack and slashed version I grew up watching.

In any case, Queen Beryl sounds a bit deeper, older, and reminds me of Regina from Once Upon a Time. Jadeite sounds younger and more calculative. It’s weird, even though we know that Jadeite serves Queen Beryl, we’re constantly reminded that they both serve a higher dark evil, which in turn makes them equal to one another and almost seems as if we don’t get to feel the full wrath of Queen Beryl.

I guess we’ll just have to wait until November 11, 2014 to hear more from the new dub when the first box set releases!

What do you think about the new English dub voice actors? Let us know in the comments below!

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