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19 of the Funniest POKÉMON GO Finds Fans Have Shared with Us

If you haven’t heard already, Pokémon GO, The Pokémon Company and Niantic’s GPS-based mobile game, is finally out in the wild in several territories on Android and iOS. We were quick to download it ourselves, and have been on the hunt for rare pocket monsters ever since. But we weren’t the only ones! After sharing our finds on Twitter and Facebook, fans have replied with their own outrageous encounters.

Here are 13 submissions we’ve enjoyed so far:


Bulbasaur’s love public transit!

Eevee’s are a dogs best friend.

Confirmed: Rhyhorn CAN walk on water.

We never thought Pidgeotto would call a toilet his natural habitat, but Pokémon GO has proved us wrong–and we aren’t complaining.

If Jigglypuff tried to hitch a ride with us, we wouldn’t be mad (as long as it didn’t try to make us fall asleep). Look how cute it is!

This person clearly isn’t a fan of Weedle.

We couldn’t help but grin at this cheeky tweet. Good thing they had a Poké Ball on hand to take care of the monster.

Pidgey invaded this guy’s privacy. How rude!

Here we see Abra in its natural habitat–which is apparently sitting on this person’s laptop. The cat comparison suddenly makes a lot of sense.


We definitely didn’t plan on Magikarp for dinner, but I guess it will do?

Pokemon GO img 7

Hold the door, Drowzee. *sniff, sniff*

Pokemon GO img 9

The last place you want to see a Koffing is at the dry cleaners. Get your poisonous gas away from our clothes!

Pokemon GO img 8

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In a battle between a Shiba Inu and an Eevee, who would win? Our bet is on the Eevee because, you know, it has special moves.

Pokemon Go Img 1

Exeggcute is on the job!

Pokemon GO img 2

Rattata has no sense of personal space. It will get right up in your face if you don’t catch it in time!

Pokemon GO img 3

That lady walking down the snack aisle clearly ain’t afraid of no ghost.

Pokemon GO Img 4

You can apparently catch pokémon in your bed. We especially like this photo because there is a cat behind cubone–and cats clearly win the internet and our hearts every time.

Pokemon GO Img 5

This Clefairy should be more careful. Playing in the street is dangerous.

Pokemon GO Img 6

Charmander would be the perfect addition to any kitchen. 
Pokemon GO Img 7

When the ambitious title was first announced back in September, we knew we were going to be in for a treat. The sheer thought of players getting out into the real world to search for pokémon is amazing, and something we’ve always dreamed of. Seeing it in action; whether it be from people walking around staring down at their phone in frustration, or sharing the hilarious places they’ve found the creatures; is already pretty entertaining.

Which one was your favorite? Have you found any wild pokémon in weird places? Make sure to share them with us in the comments below, on Facebook, or Twitter!

We don’t hate Popplio, you guys!

Images: Users/Pokemon/Twitter/Facebook

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