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15 Seriously Underappreciated Shows That You Should Be Watching

15 Seriously Underappreciated Shows That You Should Be Watching

Some say we’re living in the golden age of television. It’s hard to disagree when you’ve got shows like WestworldStranger Things and Jane the Virgin lighting up the small screen. Now more than ever, we’re seeing diverse stories played on a variety of platforms and receiving high recognition in return for their creative labors. And while great shows like Atlanta and This Is Us have the support of both critics and fans, there are those who, for whatever reason, get overlooked. Shows that deserve more love like…

The Originals


Too epic to be contained on The Vampire Diaries, the Mikaelson family brought their “Always and Forever” drama to a spinoff set in New Orleans. With the focus on their dysfunctional family dynamics, the series is able to explore more complex issues outside of teen angst, like exciting witch folklore and Klaus’s severe psychological issues. It’s a compelling series full of colorful characters and, in this writer’s opinion, deserves much more love than it gets.


Wynonna Earp


A supernatural Western horror, Wynonna Earp is one of the best shows you’re probably not watching. The series follows Wyatt Earp’s badass demon-fighting granddaughter who works to bring the paranormal to justice. She’s not on her own, as she has a merry band of misfits to back her up. At this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, it was announced that the show was renewed for a second season. And you’ve got plenty of time get into the show before round two premieres!




Adapted from the comics of the same name, this series is about Texas preacher Jesse Custer who, inhabited by the spawn of an angel and a demon, has the power to control people with one word. Now, he’s taking on the epic battle of Heaven, Hell, and whatever’s in between with the help of his kick-ass ex-girlfriend Tulip and friend Cassidy. The show was also picked up for a second season, so get on it!




What would happen if the MLB decided to call up its first female pitcher to the big leagues? That’s the premise of this show starring Kylie Bunbury as groundbreaker and all-around badass Ginny Baker. Fox and MLB collaborated to bring the series to life with realistic game footage and commentary from actual announcers. Plus, it features a heavily bearded Mark-Paul Gosselaar and enough girl power to make you wish the Spice Girls were still around.


Queen Sugar


Is a show created by Ava DuVernay and executive produced by Oprah Winfrey even allowed to be bad? It centers on three vastly different siblings who are all dealing with the recent death of their father. There’s Ralph-Angel, who’s trying to rebuild his life after a stint in jail; Nova Bordelon, a social activist and herbalist; and L.A. basketball wife Charley Bordelon, who moves back to Louisiana with her teen son Micah to claim her inheritancea sugarcane farm. This series is a must-watch, not just because it presents complex African-American characters in a way that most other shows don’t, but also because it’s great.




This subversive sitcom, starring awesome people like Minnie Driver and Cedric Yarbrough, centers on an eclectic family tackling the many issues that come with raising a kid with cerebral palsy. The great thing, however, is that JJ is presented as a well-rounded person who can be funny and a jerk at times, and isn’t one to be pitied because of his disability. Despite obvious obstacles, he’s making his way through life just fine with the help of a caring aid and a somewhat dysfunctional but incredibly loving family. It’s a show that will make you laugh while presenting a major character like whom we haven’t really seen on TV before.




After conquering the interwebs with her Awkward Black Girl YouTube series, Issa Rae has moved on to more traditional television with a hilarious new show that also centers on the awkward experiences of a modern day African-American woman. The series has already been greenlit for a second season and Rae’s even been nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series–Comedy or Musical. But the fact that the show itself lacks a nomination is further proof of how underappreciated it really is!


Crazy Ex-Girlfriend


The musical comedy is a theater lover’s wet dream; its first season even earned creator and star Rachel Bloom a Golden Globe. Still, this show about a woman who leaves her high-paying New York City job on a whim, all in order to move to her ex-boyfriend’s sleepy California neighborhood, doesn’t get enough appreciation in this writer’s opinion. The CW series embraces diversity of race and sexual orientation and tackles an array of relevant issues (most prominently, depression) with hilariously spot-on musical numbers. What’s not to love?



Featuring two kick-ass wannabe vigilantes dead set on bringing justice to those who get away with assault on their college campus, Sweet/Vicious is a show worth watching. Jennifer Kaytin Robinson says she started the series in order to give a voice to the voiceless while combating rape culture, and it’s something we could certainly use right now. The MTV drama is only five episodes into its first season so you have time to catch up. I highly suggest you get to it.

Chewing Gum


The great thing about Netflix is that it introduces us to shows we might never have seen, like this gem from comedian Michaela Coel. The British sitcom centers on a 24-year-old virgin with a strict and heavily religious family who sets out to have sex for the first time. Featuring a supporting cast of kooky characters and some awkwardly hilarious moments (including the main character’s plot to dress up like Beyoncé in order to seduce her prude boyfriend), it’s a refreshing series comprised of only six half-hour episodes so far.

But those are just the tip of the iceberg! Other awesome shows you should check out include The Magicians, 11.22.63, 3%, Channel Zero: Candle Cove, and 12 Monkeys.

Did we forget one? What are some other shows you think deserve more love? Let me know in the comments!

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