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10 Minutes of Sightseeing With the Bros of FINAL FANTASY XV

Have you ever gone racing down the freeway, top down, with your best friends, checking out the epic scenery of the green mountains? Only to hop out of the car, leaving it unmanned in the middle of the road, so that you could run through the hills while avoiding waves of indigenous wildlife? But after 5 minutes of nonstop jogging, you run out of breath and take a rest, only to then suddenly decide to be a badass by slashing one of the harmless creatures without hesitation, and in grieving, you start jogging haphazardly for another five minutes? I’m aware: that was one long ass, run-on question. But if you haven’t done this and it sounds like something you would love to experience, feel free to live vicariously through the bros of Final Fantasy XV in the following video:

It appears that this trailer was made to show of the massive open-world play area that will be at our disposal in Final Fantasy XV, but all that I can focus on is how strong the bro synergy is in this. It’s amusing and potentially a sign that maybe this Final Fantasy game won’t take itself so seriously, which would be a welcome change of pace for the series, especially with it adopting a real-time combat system. I am beyond stoked to get my hands on this.

Do you plan to go on 10-minute jogs when you get your hands on Final Fantasy XV? Drive your thoughts into the comments below.

Featured image courtesy of | Artist: RubiaDmc

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  1. SashMcFlash says:

    The epicness of FF IV’s score will surely bring the goosebump factor to every pivotal plot point, as each FF score has done in their respective game. Modular Muzak at it’s most melodramatic! I can’t wait to listen as I kill ….. imps?

  2. Nich Hustler says:

    This game intrigues me somewhat. Also “attack a harmless creature without hesitation” um, it attacked first and he dodged plenty of them. I know this game seems dude bro, although from this video alone that is conjecture. It could be a story of brotherhood which is different to bro jock bro. Either way, you needn’t go Sarkeesian and make up stuff though.

  3. Thomas says:

    I am a little put off by this game being so sausage-festive even though I forget about X-2 which was all female, but it’s not as if that game was brilliant. I don’t think it would be soo bad if the characters, or aptly termed ‘bros’ weren’t so generic, typical Japanese ‘cool’ and boring. Really? All black, everyone? 

    • Malik Forté says:

      Haha, but you have to admit, it’s an intriguing choice by Square. Makes me want to play this more

  4. Nonae Renada says:

    I hope this isn’t the only open area we can run through. I don’t want another Gran Pulse. Also I want to be able If i ever get the inclination to jump and ride on the creatures, without attacking them and i’m hoping i can track a herd of chocobo across the planes (sigh)