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The Music Geek Track Of The Week: “Light House”


Nestled on the top of my new favorite song blog, I found four minutes reminding me why I love music so damn much. Before I get into the nitty gritty reasons why this NewVillager song stole my heart and brightened my day, I need to plug my new favorite place for musical discovery, The Swill Merchants. Without them, I would probably just post about the new James Blake EP (which is awesome and streaming on ABEANO, so you should listen to it anyway).

I spoke with Dres, one of the Swill Merchant bloggers, who explained the project:

Swill Merchants is a site that was birthed by the idea of starting something fun… but which wouldn’t require too much work. We’ve done the “hard-working blogger” schtick before, and it wore us out. Also, we were too lazy.

So, we got to thinking (caps were needed) and realized that we’re all self-deprecating people who dig music… and blam-o! We became Swill Merchants.

We like to keep it personal at the pirate ship and absolutely cop to all of our tendencies. There is zero posturing. If you read it enough, you absolutely come to know about the three of us beyond just our musical choices. Kari likes pictures of dogs. Dres likes clapping. Ryan likes yelling.

To us, the music we post is more than just songs. It’s an excuse for us to write silly captions under photos. But also, we know that no matter how you’re day is going, just one new song could help make it better. We like to think of Swill Merchants as a fun and welcoming site that is just good music — plain and simple.

The best part is that we’re still three kids in a candy shop. We pick what we like without hesitation, we write how and what we want, and we’re downright shocked when people agree to let us interview them. Plus, our logo is a pirate ship designed by our amigo, Brian. We think it’s pretty cool, even if the whole pirate trend has sailed away. If you like what you hear, you can follow The Swill on the web, Twitter, Facebook, and most importantly… Spotify or Grooveshark. It’s an automatically updating playlist of the songs we post on the site. Swill on the go if you will. Climb on board. Let’s do this.

 And that’s how I found Light House.

The music video might be one of the weirdest or “nightmarish” visual interpretations I’ve seen (taking into account the weird music video article from a while back). But by golly, if you can tear yourself away from the screen, please, give me tips since I still can’t manage to get out of this chair. Instrumentally, their arrangements are comparable to those in Disney movies. And vocally, their harmonies are catchy and whimsical. I certainly hope that NewVillagers put a smile on your Friday just as they did mine!

Oh, PS: A lot of new, musical additions will be coming to Nerdist, so keep those ears clean and stay tuned!

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  1. Marisa Rhy says:

    Fantastic song. And I appreciate any blogger who uses the phrase “by golly”.

  2. Meredith says:

    I love “Light House”, brilliant song.