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Stormtroopers Posing With Whiskey Bottles Will Make Your Day

“What do you mean you let those droids go? Those were the ones we were looking for!”

“Dude, I am so drunk right now they all look the same to me. Please don’t tell Vader. He’ll kill me if you knows I’m drinking on the job again.”


“Yes, he will literally kill me.”

Get ready to start writing your best drunk stormtrooper Star Wars fan fiction, because that’s all you’ll be thinking about after seeing these great, hilarious pictures of toy troopers posing with whiskey bottles.

We came across this great page at Laughingsquid, and it is the work of Brett, a “Star Wars loving whiskey enthusiast” out of Atlanta, who reviews whiskeys and then takes awesome photos of them with his tiny stormtroopers.

If you think this is a curious pairing, he wrote that he started posing his toys like this as a kid to get out of his frequent groundings.

“I would sneak out of my room with all my Star Wars, G.I. Joe, He-Man and Transformer figures and set up intricate scenarios and scavenger hunts for my parents to return to. This would ultimately end with a nice note saying, ‘I am sorry.'”

No need to apologize now. These are perfectly silly and wonderful.

We have a few more of his photos (which really do sound stupid when you explain the premise, but are in reality perfect) in our gallery below, but make sure you check out his Instagram page to see more, as well as his website, which also has his whiskey reviews.

It’s a little bit harder to not be bothered by the death of a random stormtrooper when you think that all he wanted to do was get back to the ship after a long day of work so he could enjoy a nightcap. Who knew posing toys with whiskey could humanize a bunch of faceless soldiers?

What other unlikely item would you love to see these toy troopers posed with? Tell us your weirdest ideas in the comments below.

Images: Scotch Trooper


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